About Hireasaurus

Welcome to HIREASAURUS! When people read about Dinosaurs at school they never thought that they could ever actually get the chance to meet one in real life. Our dinosaurs walk, talk, blink, breath and ROAR (cue the noise complaints). Our goal is to make a seriously JURASSIC impression on your guests (and bystanders) for your next event. Each of our dinosaurs comes with a fully trained Dinosaur Ranger, just to make sure things don't get too out of hand! Our ranger helps make our events even more interactive with your guests and also offers some education about each our Dinosaurs. We have a variety of Dinosaurs for hire and can also arrange for some extras, such as a Dinosaur fossil dig, real life dinosaurs (reptiles) and much much more! It's our aim to make your event as thrilling, unique and out of this world as possible.

Bringing the Jurassic age to the modern world!

    • We are Hong Kong’s ONLY real life Dinosaur entertainers!
    • We offer a huge array of Event and party options for every kind of occasion that you can imagine!
    • Want a dinosaur to walk you down the aisle on your Wedding day?
    • Want a dinosaur to prank your colleagues?
    • Want to take your school lessons from the extinct to real life?
    • Need a T-rex to bring life to your product launch?
    • All of our services are fully insured.
    • We employ professional performers and dinosaur wranglers!
    • We are available for hire 24/7

Our Dinosaurs

Our professional custom built animatronic Dinosaurs blink, moves, runs, ROARS and their tails even sways from side to side! They look and sound like they’ve really come back to life, in fact our Dinosaurs are so life like someone once called animal control (Just incase you were worried, Steve has made a full recovery from the tranquilliser dart)

Despite their fearsome appearances, our Dinosaurs are friendly (most of the time), but BEWARE, they also like a bit of exercise and have been known to chase down their prey! RUN!


The Team

All of our performers are full time professional entertainers with backgrounds in performing arts, animatronics and puppetry. We have spent many many hours perfecting the movements of all our dinosaurs so your guests get the most realistic performance.

Each of our Park Rangers will be able to answer any questions your may have about each of our dinosaurs, such as their favourite food (char Sui), where they live (they roam Sai Kung Country park) and how big do they grow (too big for a Hong Kong apartment).



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